The Clubhouse restaurant is recommended for every one, golfer or non-golfer. Come and try ‘castle life’ through this luxurious setting and high-quality dishes.

The Chef, Sebastien, will welcome you with his diversified menu composed of refined dishes. To dine at the clubhouse, is to treat your taste buds as well as your eyes.

You will enjoy a natural panorama which reveals its charms through every season. In addition, the disposes of a magnificent veranda and a terrace to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The vegetation is flourishing, and the serene calm of the golf helps you get away from the tumult of Brussels. By nightfall, the candle lights on the tables will take you to a magical atmosphere.

For a dinner with a winter charm or a sunny getaway in summer, the restaurant the Club house is the ideal meeting point for lovers of quality food and beautiful landscapes.


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